Traditional Eyeliner


Invisible Eyeliner

Everything you need to know about Forever Lash Liner via ELLE.


Amy Jean Brow Agency offers two types of Forever Lash Liner: Traditional or Invisible 

Thick eyeliner is OUT and will only create unnecessary attention to the area as a tattoo. Amy Jean Brow Agency artists pride themselves on their ability to apply very finely etched lines that are nestled tightly above the lashes for a crisp finish. We do not cater to requests of 'winged eyeliner' or double thickness as pigments can migrate or blur in the future.

The device used for eyeliner tattooing at Amy Jean Brow Agency is a non-invasive tattoo machine that has very light vibrations that penetrate the skin. It is not painful and the machine used is not noisy. The eyes are closed throughout the procedure and an aesthetic balm is applied with a micro-tip for accuracy allowing the client to rest peacefully without concerns about eye irritation during the treatment. We offer both top and bottom eyeliner options.

Amy Jean Invisible Liner also known as a “Lash Enhancement” creates undetectable definition for eyes. Unlike traditional eyeliner tattooing (in which ink is embedded “above” the lash line) Invisible Liner uses small needles to dot and fill “within” and around the lash bed. Most women comment that their lashes appear fuller and the whites of their eyes brighter. Invisible Liner is only applied to the top lash line.

Ensure that the natural lashes are free from mascara. Eyelash extensions including individual strands must be removed prior to the treatment. We do not recommend this treatment if you are suffering from an eye irritation or infection. Contact lenses can be problematic or uncomfortable during the tattoo procedure. An anaesthetic will be placed onto the lash line before the artist applies the liner to give you an idea of your design.

Similar to the Kiss Me Lip-Tint Tattoo the Forever Lash Liner lasts about 3 – 10 years depending on varying factors. Avoid running water over the eyes for 5 days. The use of makeup, in particular mascara, cannot be worn during this period. Be careful to only use cleanser around the eyes but not through the lash bed.

We cannot tattoo any part of the body whilst you are pregnant and we do not recommend tattooing whilst breastfeeding. If you are using cosmetic injectables such as botox and filler, we recommend you allow the area to wear off before your tattoo treatment. If you are interested to know the best time to rebook for Botox please consult with your artist and our injectable nurses as this varies depending on the area being treated e.g. brows, eyeliner.