Delta Goodrem

I put my total trust in AJ and her star team to shape my brows to perfection. I'm obsessed with the AJ brow velvet powder and her beautiful salon interiors. Brows are everything and AJ is a brow magician!

Rozalia Russian 
Beauty Blogger

Ladies if you are after an incredible Eye Brow waxer/shaper and would also like to be taught how to do your own brows at home than do yourself a favour and book in to one of Amy Jean’s salon and i guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Chloe Morello
Beauty Blogger - (After her Lash Lift)

My lashes look amazing even without mascara. More evenly spaced, look longer because they curl up & not straight anymore & she tinted them too so they look pretty without makeup on! I'm in love! So much better than lash extensions! 10/10 Recommend.

Mel B (Scary Spice)

Never before had I thought to have my eyebrows lightened, and wow what a difference!

Dannii Minogue

The most in demand brow artist in oz, the eyelash goddess.

Kate Waterhouse
Racing Identity & Fashion Journalist

Eye lashes tined, eyebrows shaped... All set for the Magic Millions raceday thanks to Amy Jean Eye Couture, you're the best!! Xx

Sigourney Cantelo

Brow shaping is a dark art best left to true magicians. This in-demand brow whisperer divides her time between her three east coast salons. 'Arch Angel' to many of Sydney and Melbourne's most beautiful brows.

Courtney Love

Love Amy Jean, in my travels she is by far the best brow and lash artist I have come across. She is so precise, a beauty genius.

Kelly Baker
Beauty Editor, Womens Weekly

I'm regularly photographed and at high profile social events and the number one question I'm asked afterwards is 'who does your lashes'. I'm not shy and have no problems telling everyone Amy Jean is my girl. The reasons for that are many. The main being that she makes my lashes look utterly amazing. The second reason is she works super fast and the third is she's incredibly professional and delightful to be around.