Amy Jean – A Collaboration of Artists

We are a dedicated team of eye couture artists. We believe that if a woman feels confident there is no stopping her from achieving success, however that may be defined.

Our exclusive and bespoke services for brows and lashes are highly respected in the industry and have received exemplary and broad coverage both nationally and internationally.

It all started with Amy Jean’s vision. She has built a business with a team that shares her passion for eye beauty. We call it Eye-Couture.

We provide an expert and hand-crafted beauty service within a haven of stunning, modern opulence. Our beauticians have unrivalled artistic experience to lift personal grooming to new heights through brow sculpting, cosmetic tattooing, lash extensions and lash lifts.

The international success of the Amy Jean brand is built on the core philosophy that no single brow shape fits all. Our detail-focused and experienced eye-couturists appreciate each woman’s brow assets. Your expert eyebrow artist will sculpt the natural shape of your brows so they become your defining physical trait, framing your eyes to reinforce your face’s vitality and beauty. Depending on your desired look, a lash treatment will enhance the overall effect to give the windows to your soul the power to truly captivate.

Our handcrafted, high-end service has attracted actresses, supermodels and jet-setting socialites. Clientele include Dannii Minogue, Naomi Campbell and Delta Goodrem as well as local fashion, beauty and on-screen influencers. Each know firsthand that perfectly sculpted brows are the defining aesthetic element to complete your look and bestow everlasting confidence.

Well recognised as an industry leader, Amy Jean has been dubbed the Brow Queen, the Brow Whisperer and even the Arch Angel by Vogue Magazine.

“Every power brow requires a little work before you can really rock it! Brows can soften strong features, disguise the onset of gravity and even create sophisticated definition on a fuller face. It’s like haute couture for brows – the natural curves and arches are hand crafted to individual perfection creating a masterpiece every time.” – Amy Jean –

Amy Jean’s brow artistry has become synonymous with glamour and beauty globally, offering five signature salons across Australia including Palazzo Versace Hotel, Gold Coast; Bambini Trust Building, Sydney; Privée, Hyde Park Sydney, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, and Lansdowne Street, Melbourne.